Must See Speakers & Sessions @ iCEE.fest: UPGRADE 100 Digital Transformation Festival in Bucharest

No wonder they call it “festival”. The 2019 edition of iCEE.fest: UPGRADE 100 proposal is impressive: 140+ speakers on 8 stages. Under the umbrella of Digital Transformation all the hot topics, platforms and conversations will have their time on stage. Since I cannot be in several places at the same time (I wished!) I designed my own journey. What are you up to?

iCEE.fest: UPGRADE 100 is taking place in Bucharest, 13-14 June, 2019


SALIM ISMAIL, Co-Founder Singularity University | Keynote

Arguably the guest star of the event. You need to get your coffee intake early and reclaim your seat for this one. Salim Ismail is a very charismatic and sought after speaker. A star, as a matter of fact. He is guaranteed to shape your mindset for the day and, most likely, to stay with you as one of the most valuable experiences you exposed yourself to during the event.

Dr. PAUL MARSDEN, Consumer Psychologist Syzygy/London College of Fashion | Upgrading Digital Experience – Three Insights from Positive Psychology

A well-known consumer psychologist, he talks a lot about content marketing innovation in his presentations. When taking the stage, he delivers very dense presentations with a focus on case studies, facts, and knowledge sharing. Personally, I prefer this type of “delivery.” Don’t get intimidated by the “Dr.” attached to Paul Marsden name; he is a relatable person who connects with the audience instantly.

DAVID JP PHILLIPS, Professional Speaker | The Magic Science of Storytelling

It’s very likely that you heard about David’s famous “How to Avoid Death by Powerpoint” TED Talk (and his book, which you can download for free here). You may wonder: are we still talking about PowerPoint in 2019? Definitely yes only David takes on a broader conversation teaching us presentation skills for successful communication regardless of the context. In his own words, he delivers “an injection of food for thought.” His Bucharest presentation is on storytelling. Yet another hot topic these days. Must attend.

NOEL NUEZ, Country Manager for Spain and Latam | TikTok, the Power of Self-Expression Through Real Short Videos

TikTok is hardly everyone’s cup of tea. Still, there is a lot of enthusiasm about it these days. As someone who hasn’t tried it yet, I am hoping to understand what is all the fuzz about. As a digital performance marketer, I want to know if the app can drive results in terms of revenue. I expect Noel Nuez to deliver on these aspects as he presents (and promotes) TikTok.

SMARANDA HEROIU, iCEEfest: UPGRADE 100 Executive Director & RISTO KUULASMAA TubeCon Founder | TubeCon Romania: The Official Launch

It’s not exactly news that Think Digital Group will make TubeCon available in Romania. It’s the official lunch we get to attend @UPGRADE 100 in the presence of its founder. Brands will get a closer look at ways to connect with the new generation audience. At the same time, we may acknowledge the marketing opportunities of TubeCon Romania.

SEPIDEH DUNDON, Partner Manager Emea LinkedIn | LinkedIn Marketing Solutions. Product Roadmap

In Romania, very few B2B advertisers drive significant budgets to LinkedIn campaigns. It’s expensive, but you cannot get a better business targeting out there. As one who specialized in LinkedIn paid advertising, I’ll do my part and evangelize the platform in every way I can since I’ve seen great results myself.
I am looking forward to hearing Sepideh on what is new at LinkedIn. If you are a performance marketer activating in B2B, you should not miss this session.

DEAN KINSMAN, Supervisory Special Agent FBI | Investigating IoT Crime: CyberSecurity in the Age of Digital

We don’t talk enough about CyberSecurity, and I feel there is a lot of learning involved here. We are safe, people, FBI is here.

3-5CU | Bucharest Robots

Yes, you got that right, 3-5CU is an autonomous service robot taking the stage at iCEE.fest: UPGRADE 100. It (should I say he?) will be joined by George Buhnici for the AI & Robotics section opening keynote. This is not something you can witness very often, and I am curious how spontaneous the conversation may turn out to be!
3-5CU remembers everyone with whom it interacted. See what you can do to be someone to be remembered!

 MARC THOMAS, Managing Director UK & Emerging Markets Taboola | Trends and Longterm View of the Ecosystem

I was delighted at the news that Taboola became available for publishers & advertisers in our country. I feel there is still room for an upgrade when it comes to advertisers and digital marketers in terms of knowing how to make the best of use of the platform and the native advertising. This session is a workshop, and I’ll be sure to sign up for it.

CATALIN TENITA, Founder Geeks For Democracy & IRINA ZAMFIRESCU, Human Rights Activist Optar | Debate

Prominent representatives of the nonprofit sector in Romania, Catalin and Irina will discuss technology and tech people involved in projects for the community. In recent years we’ve seen more and more professionals offering their support to these organizations with excellent results. Their work deserves to be in the spotlight on this stage. The organizers packed the session as a debate, and we get to vote the winning team at the end. It will be equally entertaining and a learning opportunity!

Click here to see full agenda & all speakers at iCEE.fest: UPGRADE 100.

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