Smart Content Marketing Ideas from WeContent Conference

Anyone can publish content today – the barrier to entry is low. Less succeed to reach, engage and sell to large audiences.  What‘s the key to content that works?

Last week, Upgrader offered digital marketers the first content marketing conference ever to be organized in Bucharest. A sensational international line-up of experienced speakers did it justice. Great, vivid and comprehensive presentations put this event on the map and everyone is eager to hear news on the next edition. WeContent  kept its audience engaged and focused throughout the day, starting with British content expert Sonja Jefferson and ending with an out-of-the-box, entertaining experience put together by the well-known Jon Burkhart.

Here are a few ideas that I was happy to hear about.


Be the Source of the Content

Make sure YOU generate the coverage on topics that are of strategic interest to you. If you are the source, others interested in joining the conversation will link to you. You gain credibility, authority, and visibility.


Think Content Marketing Strategies, Rather Than Campaigns

Content Marketing is a long-term effort, but the world we live in is fast pacing. Instant, specific reaction is required more than often, and it looks like you cannot win at this. Work on a solid strategy and stay rigid when it comes to it. Use tactics/campaigns to remain flexible and actual.


Influencers – It’s About the Person, Not About the Numbers

When you associate your brand with an influencer, it’s the person you “marry,” not their numbers. An influencer may impress with the amount of the followers – the share of voice is important. The tone of voice and ethics even more.


Keep it Real with Your Images

With content marketing is essential that you stay relatable and authentic. And that refers to images, too. The more you polish by using every filter out there, the less your audience will buy it. Avoid exaggeration.


Hero, Hub & Hygiene Content Mix

Label it correctly, and you’ll know when and how to use it. “Hero” is the out of the ordinary stuff you don’t come across too often – you must celebrate it big time. “Hub” is more of an everyday type of content. Make yourself useful with “Hygiene” and keep the “how to” type of content flowing.


The Endowment Effect

It appears that we are more inclined to trust mobile devices when making buying decisions. The fact that we paid for it is subtly making us invest trust in messages we access by using it. I am assuming this is about self-approving. It’s a sophisticated theory, but it makes sense to me.


Relentlessly Helpful Content

I’ve often seen content drafts marked “too salesy” by the editor. I wish I had come up with the smart description in the headline. It’s John Experian’s statement and strategy that speaker Sonja Jefferson brought to our attention. John is a B2B successful content writer who built his success on “teaching something every time.” Sales will come in eventually.

Many thanks for sharing these ideas at WeContent: Sonja Jefferson, Jon Mowat, Petru Cuciuc, Oana Bulexa, Kevin Gibbons.