A Digital Marketer Wishlist for 2019

There is no better moment to plan for your professional growth. Check this list of great books, training, and events to attend in 2019.

Key Marketing Metrics: The 50+ metrics every manager needs to know

This is your ultimate digital marketing book rightfully claiming its spot on your desk. You’ll rely on it in your everyday work.

Designing Your Life: Build the Perfect Career, Step by Step

Design thinking is way beyond its buzzword days. It’s an approach meant to enhance various aspects of one’s personal and professional life. Design thinking has grown into an occupation. You can even get certified.

Unsafe Thinking: How to be Creative and Bold When You Need It Most

Nobody can re-inventing the wheel, that we know. It’s the boldness of your approach that makes the business stand out. Disruptive may have been the word of 2018, but it’s Sachs’ “unsafe thinking” concept emerging now. Not only that it makes sense, but it’s such a great read!


Talking as Fast as You Can

Mind you, Lauren Graham as herself is as fabulous as Lorelei Gilmore. A natural born storyteller, Graham’s collection of essays is a treat: from her debut in showbiz to Gilmore Girls years’ diary bits. If anything, this is an excellent lesson on authenticity.
BONUS: she also recorded the audiobook, and it sounds fantastic! (hear a sample here).

Native Advertising Days in Berlin

This event is unique. The largest conference on content distribution and content promotion for both clients and agencies, it’s held in English, thus being available for a worldwide audience. 2019 registration kicked off, and you can go ahead and pitch it to your boss.



The Masterclass series is well-known. Quite a gem for content marketers as they can attend the online masterclasses of renowned writers, authors, and screenwriters (Aaron Sorkin, Margaret Atwood, Malcolm Gladwell, etc.)
My favorite is Helen Mirren’s Masterclass on acting. Watching the trailer of the course, and I was sold in seconds. It goes beyond acting techniques for actors wannabes, Helen Mirren is teaching us how to present ourselves best for success. Finding one’s truth and center is a difficult journey, and Helen Mirren will guide you through it.


Do You Speak Applied AI for Marketers, ABM,
Advanced Organic Acquisition?

As one who spent most of 2018 taking online classes and collecting certifications, I can spot a proper training when I see one. I am impressed how CXL Institute is keeping up with the latest developments in martech offering online classes for emerging expertise. Besides the ones in the title, I find “Optimizing Your Marketing Tech Stack” a must have for all experienced marketers. On second thought, I would gladly sign in for a lifetime subscription with CXL Institute.

Applied AI for marketers [Online course]

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