BOOK REVIEW | Elizabeth Gilbert, “Big Magic”

Elizabeth Gilbert might not be the only author to write a book about creativity, but she sure does a beautiful job with her “Big Magic.”
One gets to enjoy Gilbert’s unique writing style even though this is not a novel. Still, there are plenty of stories from hers and other people’s trials and tribulations leading a creative life.

“Big Magic” is more of a collection of inspiring (and real!) stories than a manual for creativity.

One by one, Courage, Enchantment, Permission, Persistence, Trust & Divinity chapters are the milestones Gilbert uses to drop in the knowledge, inspiration, personal experience, and recommendations for all those who want to make it in the creative business.

As someone whose success didn’t come overnight (on the contrary), the author demystifies the romantic idea of the artist/creator barely making ends meet and living a hectic life while waiting for the inspiration and the big idea to hit them.

As Gilbert explains, being successful in arts is more about arduous work, consistency, commitment, and patience:

“Most of my writing life, to be perfectly honest, is not freaky, old-timey voodoo-style Big Magic. Most of my writing life consists of nothing more than unglamorous, disciplined labor. I sit at my desk, and I work like a farmer, and that’s how it gets done. Most of it is not fairy dust in the least.” (Elizabeth Gilbert, “BigMagic”)

Nevertheless, “the fairy dust” moments will show up for creators; the author will admit it to everyone’s relief:

“But sometimes it is fairy dust. Sometimes, when I’m in the midst of writing, I feel like I am suddenly walking on one of those moving sidewalks that we find in a big airport terminal; I still have a long slog to my gate, and my baggage is still heavy, but I can feel myself being gently propelled by some exterior force. Something is carrying me along – something powerful and generous – and that something is decisively not me. (Elizabeth Gilbert, “Big Magic”)


If you are interested in creating or already a creator, this book comes in hand with guidance and inspiration and will help clear your vision on the creative process.
Ever since Haruki Murakami’s “What Do I Talk About When I Talk About Running” book on running and writing, I realized and accepted that discipline and consistency play a significant role in getting to the outcome we want.


“Big Magic” is an excellent read for marketing content creators, too. It helps them take their craft to the next level, gain confidence, and remain constant in the process.