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This book is self explanatory – you can hardly avoid being redundant presenting it as the author did an excellent job writing it. It’s spot on, fluid, intelligent, valuable and entertaining, no less. 

More than a book, the “Confessions…” is rather a text book for anyone who’s speaking in public. Or aiming at doing that as a profession.I’am going to take my chances and list 5 reasons for you to read this book:

1.   It’s an honest, no bulls**t account of the public speakers’ world – a know-how “package” for all those who want to make it to the stages. You’ll be saving a lot of time and effort in learning how to avoid the most common mistakes.

2.   Prepare yourself for “aha” moments: you get to validate a lot of ideas & strategies you already used or plan to. Someone tried them and is here to tell the story of how it all went.

3.   It’s down to the dollars a public speaker can make. Moreover, it teaches you how to sell yourself. At least by the time you get famous and have an…agent. Yes, public speakers in high demand have an agent. Like Hollywood stars 🙂

4.   It’s all real life experience with specific examples and recommendations as they resulted from the author endeavours on many stages and countless speaches delivered all over the world.

5.   It’s a courageous account of what could go wrong and how to handle difficult & unexpected situations. Speaking for a handful of people in a 2,000 seats hall – you’ll need a (backup) plan. Wouldn’t you agree?

My copy looks like it’s coming back from the battlefield – book cornes folded, countless notes on all white space available. And some coffee stains, I’ll admit. It’s a case of book turned manual and I just realized that I’d better get the Kindle version, too. No chance to leave it behind when changing bags.