BOOK REVIEW | “Content DNA”​ – a MUST-READ for All Marketers Working with Content

I wish I had this book in hardcover to make side notes, underline, mark phrases and ideas, and make it look like it’s been to war. But I couldn’t educate my patience; I wanted to read it the minute it was available for sale. And I did. It took longer to write about it but there you go.

I’ve been following John Espirian for more than two years now – I learned so much about content for B2B in general and building your presence on LinkedIn in an effective manner in particular. I felt my audience should benefit from John’s experience, so I interviewed him for my website, where he shared precious insights on B2B content. (Read the interview here)

But who is John Espirian?

Take his LinkedIn profile tagline: “Relentlessly helpful technical copywriting for B2B websites. LinkedIn nerd. Author of Content DNA. Not a douche canoe.”

True to the core of his positioning expressed as such, John is relentlessly helping not only businesses (his clients) but anyone who is following him on social media – LinkedIn, to be more precise. His content is helpful, concise, useful – his tone of voice unpretentious with a good dose of humor. I recommend registering for his newsletter “Espresso – Digital Caffeine for Smart People”; it’s worth your time and attention.

“Being relentlessly helpful is my take on what is traditionally called content marketing. It’s the idea of using content to provide the most helpful, complete answers in a given space so that you can become the person that the potential clients trust the most.” (John Espirian, “Content DNA”).Now that we are clear about John (as much as a few phrases can do the job), let’s answer the next question on your mind, I am sure:

What is “Content DNA”? What is its promise to readers?

Simply put, it’s a book about content marketing. But, equally important, it’s about content marketers. Before diving into the writing effective content 101, the author allocates a generous space on content marketers “how to” – position yourself for your audience (clients), create visibility for you and your work, build an effective work routine and sell yourself.

“Content DNA” is all about concise information, examples, case studies, and mistakes to avoid. It’s actual. It’s more than a book; it’s a manual. A MUST-HAVE resource for all content marketers out there regardless of their seniority.

Moreover, this book speaks to all marketers, regardless of their area of expertise. We all work with content; unless we are involved in producing it, we use it in marketing tactics. Read “Content DNA” to ease and elevate your conversation with content marketers and up your performance using the right content for each tactic.

You can buy “Content DNA” on Amazon. 

And – more helpful content from John – he has documented writing this book: the time he took to write it, the process of editing, all the costs involved, and the steps one needs to take to publish a book on Amazon.