GDPR is Here – From Boring to Highly Creative, My Inbox Has Seen It All

As annoying as it seemed at first, the avalanche of email messages requiring action on our personal data is, in fact, a blessing in disguise for marketers at large. Marketing minds all over the world burned the midnight oil to come up with that unique, unreasonably short subject line. Emails keep pouring in my inbox as we speak, I am sure you could say the same about yours. It quickly became fun.

It’s been a long time since I had the chance to witness so many entities trying to get my attention (or not): they’re blunt, boring, funny, eccentric. You name it. If you’re in marketing, watch and learn. This is a (marketing) moment in time.

As one with so many and diverse interests, I get emails from countless organizations, no wonder my inbox went frenetic these days. Mankind should take notes, these are the digital pick-up lines in my inbox, ranked from worst to best:


Subject line: “We’ve updated our Privacy Policy”

Verdict: You’re lucky I need us to stay in touch but don’t fool yourself – you are not a contender. Have you seen the email delivered 2 minutes before yours? Now, that’s a line!


Subject line: “Your personal data is protected by…”

Verdict: I won’t hold this lack of imagination against you only because you’re a bank. My bank for a change.


Subject line: “Your personal data? Safer than ever!”

Verdict: Simply put, that’s lack of imagination. You are doomed to be ignored.


Subject line: “Find out important info on your data privacy.”

Verdict: What makes you believe I did not educate myself on GDPR by now?


Subject line: “That message”

Verdict: You made me smile, I’ll give you that. I clicked, we’re old friends.


Subject line: “Let us stay close”,

Verdict: Since you’re asking…sure!


Subject line: “Do you still want to receive emails from me, Georgiana?”

Verdict: Oh, you made an effort. I’m sold. Click to learn more.


Subject line: “First 2018 speakers revealed! (and a quick click request to stay on the list)”

Verdict: Focused on long-awaited info by their subscribers – that’s the value they delivered. Then the discreet reference to the “it” subject. This is SMART. Renowned content creators and storytellers living up to the expectations. My favorite. Way to go, The Power of Storytelling!!

9. B-O-L-D

Subject line: “Georgiana, was this a mistake?!?!?!”

Verdict: Bold move, definitely. If anything, it gets your attention. Though don’t take this out-of-the-box approach unless you are this famous digital entrepreneur & influencer (Marie Forleo) with hundreds of thousands of followers.

It hasn’t been long since I started this article and these emails keep coming in to feed the case study I’m building here. Though I hope we’ll all calm down eventually.

This is a (marketing) moment in time.

I’m curious to know what’s your experience?