Jason Silva Brings Down the House at Unfinished Festival

“Emmy-nominated and world renown TV personality”, “philosopher”, “futurist”, “storyteller” – events all over the world introduce him to raving audiences. He is a very sought after speaker and I got to see why at the opening session of 2018 Unfinished Festival in Bucharest.

This guy is intense, I say to myself. And I am not alone.


I’ve never seen anyone to mesmerize an audience within the very first minute of his speech (or, should I say performance?). Festivals and conferences audiences are usually dynamic, never silent, taking photos, using their mobile phones at all times. Jason Silva taking the stage and diving into his presentation with passion, magnetic presence and the audience silence mobile phones, conversations, everything.


Silva throws countless and brilliant ideas on the table. A natural born entertainer and visionary – he roars and soars on science, technology and philosophy – one could extract and write down a quote on every other phrase: “disrupt is the name of the game, technology disrupts the status quo”, “DNA is software”, “there are decades when nothing happens and there are days when decades happen” etc.


From Shakespeare to Harari, Silva quotes authors, scientists, philosophers, and scholars when he connects ideas to show that mankind has been preoccupied for centuries with what the future may be like. We are the lucky ones – “there are decades when nothing happens and there are days when decades happen” – with technology we look into the future with more clarity, we move towards the future faster than ever.


What fascinated me the most, besides charisma & knowledge, was the optimistic approach Jason Silva takes on our future. These days the conversation on technology raises concerns about privacy, problematic behaviors, and ethics. On a completely different take, Jason Silva is an enthusiast anticipating the immense progress and developments that are going to make this world better, cure diseases and design our lives more efficiently.


To everyone’s delight, Jason Silva closes his presentation with a memorable moment – offering a new definition for what a “billionaire” is going to be he sent us home with something to chew, digest and wonder: it’s not about the amount of money someone makes but about the idea(s) that will touch billions of lives. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL MIND.


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