LinkedIn Ads – 5 Most Common Mistakes Marketers MUST Avoid

LinkedIn is one of the most expensive ad platforms for B2B. It is crucial that we make good decisions when it comes to planning, targeting and budget management. Here are the most common mistakes one must avoid.


Paid ads are not organic posts. Treat them accordingly. Don’t describe your content; SELL IT!

> Use the image as a vehicle for message and CTA.
> Write a short copy (about 200 characters with spaces); no one clicks on “See more.”


Set correct goals & expectations for each ad format

> Don’t introduce your company/brand with Message Ads (InMail); create awareness and visibility first.
> Use the video primarily to create visibility. Mind the video length.
> For carousel ads, make sure you tell a story with a remarkable visual execution.


Remember, leads are not sales-ready

For lead gen campaigns, design an effective user experience and a solid nurture plan. You MUST advance the conversation through the funnel. Marketing and sales should align and work together.


Aim for precision, not quantity

Use targeting criteria to narrow down to the relevant audience for high engagement.


Remain focused and take one step at a time if you run on low budgets:

> Target one segment at the time (geo/function/industry)
> Adapt any A/B testing initiative to the budget and reach – test one hypothesis at the time and allow a longer time before you draw the line.