LinkedIn Certifications – What You Need To Know

Recently LinkedIn made a long-awaited move by offering two certifications for professionals using LinkedIn as a marketing tactic: “Fundamentals” and “Marketing Strategy.” As suggested by their names, the latest is certifying more advanced knowledge.

LinkedIn certifications have a strong focus on paid ads.

Regardless of how advanced your expertise is with LinkedIn as a marketing tactic, I suggest you consider allocating time for preparation to ensure the desired outcome.

Here are a few recommendations from my experience with taking and passing the two exams and becoming certified.


Establish your headquarter

The Certification dedicated section on the LinkedIn website is guaranteed to provide you with all the tools, knowledge, and information you need to be well-prepared. Go through the consistent training, knowledge test for each section, and the “Practice Test.”


Take the Practice Test

There is one for each of the two Certifications. This is the first step I suggest you take. A few questions will rapidly acknowledge your readiness to pass the exam. I spotted a few areas where I needed more in-depth knowledge.


The Course (learning material)

A common misconception of very experienced marketers is that they may not need to waste time on this – they ┬ájump to the exam right away. WRONG.
Most likely, there might be details you don’t know, strategy tips and tricks, and insights and data as resulted from LinkedIn business reports. Some of this info will be subject to exam questions.
Make notes as you go through the learning material, write down the facts that contain numbers, percentages – you can review them again before the exam.


The Knowledge Check

After each section within the Course, there is a 2-3 questions quiz. Results are displayed after you answer them.
Click on “Show answers” to see the correct and incorrect answers and copy them on a Word document. Do the same with all the quizzes in the Course – once pasted in the document, the text will keep the correct answers in green and the incorrect ones in red. Thus, it will be effortless to revisit them before the exam.


The Exam

Each of the two exams consists of 60 questions; you have 60 minutes to answer. That is more than enough time – some questions will be basic and not require time to think. You’ll have more time for the complex ones.
Don’t rush, read the questions carefully. I am fluent in English but not native, and rushing forward, I misunderstood a question and provided the wrong answer.
Once you finish the exam (you need 75% correct answers to pass) – make sure you copy all the questions & answers to incorrect answers and review them.
You are granted three attempts to pass each exam.


Very Important Note

Do prepare and read all the prep material LinkedIn provides. As mentioned above, there will be questions on the info contained in the learning material.
More importantly, very experienced people may select an answer they consider correct as they’ve experienced by managing campaigns. However, they don’t always coincide with the best practices recommended by the platform. That is why you should not skip the prep material. Instead, make sure you select as many correct answers as possible.

Good luck!