LinkedInStories Are Here – What’s in It For You

LinkedIn rolled out #Stories in October, and everyone was curious with relatively low enthusiasm. They don’t say it, but they think it: Instagram does it best with little to no chance for any other platform to equal them. Agreed, but when LinkedIn enters the equation, we need to shift the mindset: are businesses and professionals going to find any value in the newly launched #Stories on LinkedIn?

How else to answer this question if not by testing? It’s still early, but I made some interesting observations and a conclusion: if you are to try LinkedIn #Stories the TIME IS NOW.

Long #Story short, here are my thoughts.

1. We are on familiar grounds

LinkedIn #Stories ratio is (also) 9:16, and, you guessed, it lasts 24h. Good move @LinkedIn, we don’t need any adaptation here.

2. Analytics is basic (unique viewers), and views are very few

It’s 1% of my network now, working hard for better!. Your numbers will go up if you are consistent with posting. A #Story a day could do the trick; remember, this is a professional platform, and people’s time is valuable.

3. Be considerate about what you post

Deliver value for your network: insights, news, stats, tips & tricks. Ok, a light #Story now and then can’t harm. (no motivational quotes, please).

4. If you are producing thought leadership content

This is your chance to increase your visibility. Go through your posts and articles and extract phrase-length gems and send them out via #Stories.

5. If your contacts (only they can see your #Stories) are active in several time zonesost at a time to cover office hours for as many as possible.

6. The analytics may not be complex, but lets you know WHO viewed your #Stories.

THAT is very useful. When you write posts and articles, many professionals may consume your content and find it valuable, but you will not know who they are unless they engage in some way (likes, comments, shares) – those are a small part of the audience. With stories, you see WHO viewed them and get a better idea on who’s interested in your content and, at the same time, better select topics of interest.

7. LAST, BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT: LinkedIn #Stories is far from being a busy avenue right now.

If you want to benefit from it, The time is NOW. Get your voice out there before it’s getting crowded.

And, of course, watch out for Stories from @LinkedIn 🙂

***Later Edit: You can place links in Stories if you have 5,000+ Followers (and “Follow” enabled).