The 7 LinkedIn Influencers I Follow

Since its ever-growing popularity and acknowledgment that LinkedIn is a MUST-HAVE tactic for B2B marketing, a lot of “influencers,” “experts,” and “consultants” put themselves out there sharing info, knowledge and offering consultancy for all those wanting to understand and use the potential of the platform.

Specialized in personal branding, content, social selling, sales, advertising, influencers clarify what they have to offer on their profiles and work tirelessly to be visible on the platform.

The dollar value of what they have to offer is hard to tell unless you buy their services and judge yourself.

Personally, I salute all this effort to share information and insights with other professionals. To organize events where we can learn more about using LinkedIn to build our brand, sell, or create content that drives results.

I learned a lot from these professionals, most of the time without investing a dime.

As you may have noticed already, my interest in LinkedIn is high, focusing on their advertising services. I passionate about LinkedIn as a B2B marketing tactic, to be honest.

Once I narrowed down to the topics I am most interested in, I put together a list of people I constantly follow to stay up-to-date and learn more about LinkedIn.

Here’s my selection.



In his own words, a “LinkedIn brandologist coaching individuals on improving their brand and their presence on LinkedIn.” Andy Foote is a very prolific content producer (and generous!), keeping us informed on all things LinkedIn: from algorithm changes to valuable tips & tricks on how we can improve our LinkedIn profile and build our brand on LinkedIn.

I am sure one will get personalized advice when hiring Andy, but following his content alone can guide you to better results for yourself. Read his content on

Hashtag #andydoeslinkedin

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Finally, if you follow Andy on LinkedIn, you find out (in due time) about his endeavors on… ClubHouse.



I suspect John Espirian knows almost everything about LinkedIn. A B2B content writer keeps a (keen) eye on everything happening on the platform and shares all of it with his audience. Following John is like having your LinkedIn coach. Being a professional content writer and storyteller makes his content an enjoyable read.

But there is more value to it: he is relentlessly testing features and scenarios then sharing all the insights and conclusions with lots of details, visuals, and explanations. You can apply the learnings and produce results for yourself. If you’re interested in B2B content and LinkedIn for personal brand and visibility, make a habit out of following John’s content on his website.

Hashtag: #linkedinlearnerlounge

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One that has a genuine interest in LinkedIn is most likely aware of the #LinkedInLocal global movement. Anna is one of the founders of this phenomenon. It started as a face-to-face encounter of people connected on LinkedIn. The expansion of this idea was beyond anyone could have imagined. LinkedIn got involved and put some rules in place when it came to LinkedIn’s brand name.

Anna McAffee wrote about this movement; it’s an exciting read and a source of inspiration.

Anna is producing content mostly on building and growing communities – you can watch her LocalX LinkedIn Live sessionS.

A recommended piece of content: “How a Hashtag Changed the World” (Anna McAfee’s book)


I love Bruce Johnston’s content. It’s unpretentious, to the point, written with a subtle sense of humor sometimes. I subscribed to his weekly newsletter, and I learn something new every time.

Bruce Johnston’s content is for marketers and salespeople using LinkedIn and goes beyond platform features and technicalities. There are always opinions, interesting approaches and angles.


Viveka von Rosen is literarily the establishment. An author, speaker, and contributor to prestigious business magazines, she is also a contributor to LinkedIn blogs and their well-known “Sophisticated Marketer’s” guides.

Moreover, Viveka has a few courses on

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A consultant specialized in social selling and digital sales, Dean Seddon is putting his expertise and experience out there, producing written content, specialized online events, and more. A constant and consistent presence on LinkedIn, I’ve been following him for quite a while now.

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Moving to the paid side of things, it is fair to say that AJ Wilcox is one of the most visible LinkedIn Ads experts on the platform. If your interest is in this area, you may want to follow him on LinkedIn for his updates – it’s either savvy posts and comments or notifications on his speaking engagements. Many of them actually, and some of them free. There is a lot to learn. AJ expertise has built up in many years of working with clients. At this point, he is the host of a few good courses/training about LinkedIn Ads. I took the one with CXL Conversion and must admit I got some fascinating insights, although I experienced myself.

Long story short, AJ Wilcox is the professional I follow when it comes to LinkedIn Ads.

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