Michelle Obama’s “Becoming”. Book Review

Michelle Obama covers her years at the White House in detail. Few First Ladies, if any, opened up to the public with such a transparent account on what this role is actually about.

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A worldwide audience witnessed them taking over the White House. But it’s Michelle Obama’s story that is the most authentic: cold night, cold feet (literally), the excitement of the event and a constant concern for the two young daughters, way past their bedtime.

“Becoming” is the 600 pages autobiography of Michelle Obama, former FLOTUS (First Lady of the United States). It’s a lot but, trust me, you’ll be devouring all of them. Childhood to present days, the book is both Michelle Obama’s personal story and a vivid and well-documented chronicle of her time at the White House.


Judging by what I knew of the public persona of Mrs. Obama, I expected “Becoming” to be both worth reading and editorial success. Right now, it ranks first in the Amazon.com’s Best Sellers of 2018. The two books on Trump (“Fire and Fury” and “Fear – Trump and the White House”) follow.


Besides anything, this book is honest, and that is a good enough reason for anyone to stick with the author for 600 hundred pages. Mrs. Obama offers very personal insights on some of the most critical moments in her family’s life: the struggle to get pregnant, going to marriage counseling when things got rough due to her husband committing so much time and energy to politics.

“Becoming” is an excellent read for so many reasons, to name a few: the author’s strong voice, humor, and authenticity. One feels privileged getting an inside pass to extraordinary events in the life of the presidential couple. Michelle Obama’s account on meeting Queen Elizabeth is so genuinely honest and funny. On their first encounter, she gets all fingers pointed at her for committing an unforgivable faux pas: she touched the Queen showing affection. The First Lady doesn’t hold back on telling all the stories – good or less so – about her journey into fitting the role, one that is not a job. Not a paid one anyway.

Michelle Obama covers all her eight years as the First Lady in detail. Very few First Ladies, if any, opened up to the public with such a transparent account of what this role is actually about and what it may become, depending on the occupant.
Mrs. Obama successfully turned it into a platform to create visibility and support for several causes: girls education worldwide, children health and army families.

Once I turned the last page, I felt I should tell the world about it. And make a list of friends who will get it as a Christmas present. Enjoy!

Michelle Obama. BECOMING. Penguin Random House, 2018