How to Deliver a Successful Training Session

Transferring knowledge to an audience of adults may be challenging. We need to understand the specifics and come up with a winning approach. Most adults have busy lives, and learning requires even more attention and energy. Take a look at these eight rules that will help you deliver.


Trainer doesn’t equal Professor. Delivering training sessions to adult audiences requires a particular approach.

2. Size the Moment

Most of the learning MUST happen during sessions. Adults have many other responsibilities reclaiming their time and energy: a job, families, etc. They may skip homework and individual study at times.

3. Get practical right away

Put all the learning to work with exercises and experiments for immediate assimilation. Take a learn-by-doing approach. Allow attendees to experiment, make mistakes and validate what they just learned.

4. Motivate

The higher the MOTIVATION, the more engaged trainees are. Identify what drives them and adapt the approach accordingly. Fuel their passion for the topic.

5. Listen

LISTEN and make it clear to the group that you do. Demotivation may happen if trainees feel you don’t listen. You will then “lose” them.

6. Engage

Provide a safe, stress-free environment for trainees to express their opinions and ask questions openly. The ironic/condescending tone is off-limits. That works for trainees, too.

7. Set Objectives & Benefits

State the objectives of the session from the very beginning. It is more likely that the group is fully invested in the learning process if they can anticipate the benefits

8. Show Appreciation

Make people feel they are appreciated, their contribution valued. The more self-confident they are, the faster they learn and engage in group activities.