BOOK REVIEW | Matthew Walker – “Why We Sleep” – Keep Your Eyes Wide Open Through this Fabulous Book

“Why We Sleep” is a fabulous adventure on the realms that we cannot consciously experience because we are not there; we are sleeping!



I spent my 15s to early 20s reading till 6 am almost every day. Later on, despite being at work many hours a day, I fully embraced the so common belief that life if too short to sleep through it. Then Netflix came in. Binging, does that sound familiar?

Not sure when I got to the point when I had difficulties waking up in the morning, losing weight and those dark circles under my eyes. The low vitality everyone said you shouldn’t worry about, you’re not in your 20s anymore, what did you expect?

I’ve kept Walker’s book on my desk for two months and returned it due to lack of time and discouraged by its almost 500 pages.
A while ago, I decided a good night’s sleep is on my prio list, and the benefits are real. So I decided to give this book a new chance.

Matthew Walker reveals a whole new world about why we sleep, how we sleep, what happens when we don’t sleep. Far from being a sterile academic book, “Why we sleep” is a fabulous adventure on the realms that we cannot fully experience because we are not there: we are sleeping 🙂